Friday, December 6, 2013

Family Pictures

We had family pictures taken at the end of October and they turned out perfect!! I am so blessed to have this family I do, I just love them!

Birthday and an Update

December 3rd- Mylee Jo turned 7 years old!! I cannot belive how fast time goes! She is a beautiful smart little girl who loves to read, learn, and go to school and dance! She loves to listen to music and dance all night! We love this growing girl! She had a little party on her birthday with her cousins and had a blast!
Kobe James- Is growing and developing normal and healthy! We have been so blessed to have his sweet spirit in our lives, and we cant remember what life was like without him!! He is such a good baby! He loves the bath, loves his diaper changed, loves to grab anything in sight, loves cuddles, loves peekaboo, loves his sister, loves mommy and daddy. He laughs and smiles to anyone who gives him attention! Kobe has to have his binki and blankie close by, it is his comfort to have his blankie up next to his sweet little face. He has had rice cereal for the first time the past 2 nights and loves it, we cant shovel it in fast enough! He has eczema, so he gets vaseline rubbed all over his body twice a day. :( He is 4 months old now.
TJ is projected to get straight As this semester unless he fails miserably on his finals! Im so proud of him jumping back into school and doing so great! He is still working full time too! We finished our basement a few weeks ago as well! We have had a very busy fall! I am working full time in Home Health and really enjoy it and the flexibility.

November 2013

Kobe loves to giggle at his sister!
We headed up to Island park for a weekend! the kids were able to play in the snow and TJ went for a snowmobile ride with friends. FUn little get away!
I mean all we do is take pics of this little man of course!
Gingerbread house at Grandma Conlins!
Thanksgiving was spent with the Thompsons in Burley! We did some black friday (thursday) shopping at walmart (never again!) I shot a shotgun for the first time! and enjoyed our family and many blessings!
Nixon came to town!! cousins reunited!