Saturday, June 13, 2015

May 2015

Wow! a year and a half behind but I think I have finally caught up on my blog :) I'll blame it on my home health job! haha! I have been working at BMH in L&D since October and it has been so good for me! OB is why I went into nursing, I love it! I am able to work out at the gym, have my days off with my kiddos without charting, and I listen to my scriptures on my commute...pretty much a great decision!!! Tj has done great in school, like straight A's (hes annoying) haha! no really I am so proud of him and how serious he takes his schooling!! He has been on the deans list twice now and will be applying to pharmD school this fall. he works part time for FSI and is in the young mens. Mylee is 8 years old and sassy as those girls are emotional! I love her, she is a mini me. She decided to do gymnastics and soccer this past year! she did so good at soccer and I dont even know how many goals she made!! Her little team is so fun to watch and my aunt ashley is the coach, they only lost 1 game this spring! She can do a back walkover and is working on her backhandspring! she has gotten stronger in the past year! so proud of this independent beautiful girl! Kobe o man I just love this little boy so much!! He is the funnest kiddo around, all boy, so full of life, excited about everything, hates being inside, skinny little dude! We got rid of his binki at 18months, he still has milk bottles at night. Started talking sentences at 21months old, like a really good little talker!! he loves anything with wheels (tractors, lawn mowers, motorcycles, snowblowers, cars, trucks, 4wheelers) if you take him on a ride you are his best friend! He loves nursery and is always so happy afterwards! Kobe can fold his arms and ride his new balance bike! He hates the DR... Kobe loves to put on his own shoes and if he doesnt have pants on he will immediatley rip his diaper off!!

April 2015