Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Jan 2014

Kobe's 1st dorito :)
Kobe's 1st time eating Rice Cereal
Lava Hot Springs
Cute kids!!
Kobes Room All Finished They love Grandpa Louis! Lakers Baby Cabin Time is our Favorite! HOT TUB TARGHEE BABY KOBE Cheer Clinic

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Dec/Christmas 2013

Ohhh that one time I didnt blog for a year! sad! Lots of catching up to do!! For Christmas we went to OHIO for 2 weeks to visit TJs familY! it was a very nice relaxing time! Kobe did great flying on the plane! Love the holidays and family time! Before we left we had Christmas with our families in Pocatello :) The annual Bringhurst Nativity scene-Kobe was baby Jesus Mylee an angel
Sending our letters to SANTA
Christmas Dance Recital
Salt Lake City-night before flying out